After the Battle for the ‘Foreign Agents Law’, Georgian Government Pushes 19 Bills Against LGBT Movement, in a Move Sure To Reignite NGO Protests | The Gateway Pundit


We have been following the developments in Georgia, a former Soviet Republic with a non-Globalist government that is under great pressure from the west because of its ‘Foreign Agents’ law – but that has doubled down and will probably ignite a much greater world controversy with a legislation push against the LGBT movement.

First we noticed what was behind the physical confrontation in the Parliament: WATCH – Major Brawl Erupts in Georgian Parliament as Members Exchange Blows Over ‘Foreign Agents’ Bill.

Then it was immediately apparent that there was a COLOR REVOLUTION IN GEORGIA: Globalist NGOs Foment Mass Protest Against ‘Foreign Agent Bill’ That Would Mandate Disclosure of Funding Sources of These Same Organizations.

Once we understood that the legislation itself was NOT controversial – a rough equivalent to the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) – it became clearer who was behind the protests in Tblisi: Georgian Mass Protests – USAID and George Soros Are Pulling the Strings of Color Revolution.

The foreign pressure against the legislation was unreal, with US and EU promising retaliation against the ‘Russia law’.

Things went as far as a DEATH THREAT: Georgian PM Says EU Commissioner Menaced Him With ‘The Fate of Robert Fico’, as the US Increases Pressure Against ‘Foreign Agent Law’.

But finally, the Georgian Parliament Overturns the President’s Veto and ‘Foreign Agents Law’ Is Approved, Despite Unprecedented International Pressure – Pro-EU Groups Protest.

So now, you may think that the Government in Georgia would rest for a moment to take a breath, right? Wrong!

The ruling Georgian Dream party has submitted no less than 19 bills to parliament seeking the prohibition of LGBT propaganda and ‘gender reassignment’.

To approve this new legislation, the government will need three-quarters of the votes in parliament.

Reuters reported:

“Georgia’s parliament will shortly begin debating a wide-ranging ‘family values’ bill that will include bans on ‘LGBT propaganda’ and gender reassignment surgery, the speaker of parliament was quoted as saying on Tuesday.”

The bill will start to be voted upon in the current spring session of parliament.

“The ruling Georgian Dream party announced the bill in March, drawing condemnation from LGBT activists and human rights groups.

The debate on it will take place at a moment of high political tension in the South Caucasus country after weeks of huge protests against a bill on ‘foreign agents’ that was finally signed into law this week.

The proposed measures are likely to fuel European Union and U.S. concerns about Georgia’s political direction, following their criticism of the foreign agent law that critics see as Russian-inspired and repressive.”

The bills reportedly prevent gay couples from adopting children, stop people from changing their gender in ID documents.

LGBT political gatherings would not be allowed, nor would LGBT propaganda in the education system be permitted.

“A predominantly Orthodox Christian nation, Georgia is socially conservative, with polls showing a large majority of the population disapprove of same-sex relationships.”

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