Biden Campaign Devastates Trump With A Single Graphic


The Biden campaign released a graphic comparing President Biden and ex-president Trump and the comparison did not go well for Trump.

Read: The Republican Presumptive Nominee for President is A Convicted Felon

This is what the Biden campaign posted on X:

If a campaign were to design a graphic that was simple and easy for voters to understand, it would look just like what the Biden campaign released. Trump doesn’t want voters to connect him with his attempted coup, love for Nazis, and felony convictions. Trump has been running away from the abortion issue like it is a contractor that he didn’t pay.

The Biden campaign should lean into the fact that Donald Trump is a convicted felon, and social media posts like this are a simple and easy way to do it. The contrast in the character of the two candidates should be driven home to voters every single day.

Republicans have chosen a convicted felon to be their presidential nominee, and they should have to live with and be reminded of the choice that they made every single day.

As Trump rambles on and gets himself list in conspiracies, the Biden campaign can offer a simple and clear contrast. Only one candidate in this race is not a convicted felon, and it isn’t Joe Biden.

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