Campaign Suggests Trump Conviction Is Worse Than Pearl Harbor And 9/11


The Trump campaign is trying to raise money by suggesting that the ex-president’s conviction is the darkest day in American history.

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Aaron Rupar posted this alert from the Trump campaign:

Move over 9/11. Step aside Pearl Harbor. The real darkest day in American history was when an ex-president got convicted of a criminal conspiracy to hide his affair with an adult film actor.

There are so many events in recent American history that have been truly horrifying and dark days for the nation. I think of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. At the height of the COVID pandemic when thousands of Americans were dying each day. There have been so many events where innocent people lost their lives that were dark days for the nation that make the Trump campaign’s claim look especially callous and embarrassing.

Donald Trump being held accountable for his crimes is not worse than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, and the fact that the Trump campaign would dare to suggest that a Class E felony conviction, or 34, suggests that they and their supporters are completely out of touch with reality.

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