DISHONEST: Politico Calls Alvin Bragg the ‘Reluctant’ Prosecutor of Trump – Even Though He Ran on Doing It | The Gateway Pundit


However much you despise the media, it isn’t enough.

The liberal outlet ‘Politico’ has just published a piece about Alvin Bragg and his case against Trump, but calls Bragg the ‘reluctant’ prosecutor.

That’s pretty funny, considering that Bragg ran for office on the campaign promise that he would ‘get’ Trump.

The Politico piece is pure garbage, praising Bragg for his assault on justice:

This reluctant prosecutor just made Donald Trump a felon

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg won more than just the case when a jury found Donald Trump guilty of 34 felony counts.

The Harlem Democrat, who at times seemed like a reluctant participant in a trial he launched, secured a place in history as the first prosecutor to land the conviction of an American president.

It’s easily one of the most dazzling feats of jurisprudence the nation has seen — and the sort of accomplishment that could launch him on a political rocket ship to Washington. Indeed, the conviction Thursday drew immediate praise and gratitude from Democrats, who see the former president as a unique threat to democracy — while also intensifying attacks from his supporters and the freshly convicted candidate himself, who has called the case a “witch hunt” and a “sham trial” organized by President Joe Biden.

Politico got called out, big time:

Politico even earned a community note.

Remember. These are the same media people who claim to care about misinformation and disinformation. What a joke.

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