Former Apprentice Producer Confirms Racist Trump Tapes


A former producer on The Apprentice has confirmed that there were tapes of Trump making racist and sexist comments on the NBC show.

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Bill Pruitt a former producer on The Apprentice wrote in Slate:

Without a doubt, the hardest decisions we faced in postproduction were how to edit together sequences involving Trump. We needed him to sound sharp, dignified, and clear on what he was looking for and not as if he was yelling at people. You see him today: When he reads from a teleprompter, he comes off as loud and stoic. Go to one of his rallies and he’s the off-the-cuff rambler rousing his followers into a frenzy. While filming, he struggled to convey even the most basic items. But as he became more comfortable with filming, Trump made raucous comments he found funny or amusing—some of them misogynistic as well as racist. We cut those comments. Go to one of his rallies today and you can hear many of them.


So, we scammed. We swindled. Nobody heard the racist and misogynistic comments or saw the alleged cheating, the bluffing, or his hair taking off in the wind. Those tapes, I’ve come to believe, will never be found.

As we now know, Trump’s image has been a lie. Donald Trump was a scam created by reality TV. He’s not rich, smart, or even good on television. There is a reason why Trump is increasingly glued to his teleprompter. His interviews and off-the-cuff rallies have vanished. When Trump releases a video on social media, it is heavily taped and edited.

Trump has gotten older, and the tendencies that the former producer of The Apprentice described have only grown more dominant in his presentation.

Donald Trump can’t form coherant thoughts. The ex-president still thinks of himself as a great salesman and communicator, but he has never been either.

Trump has always been a con. Millions of people still believe the con, and since the con man is for sale, special interests and hostile foreign governments line up to give him money in the hope of buying control over US policy.

Yes, the long-rumored Apprentice tapes of Trump making racist and sexist comments exist, but the former president was more successful in hiding his reality TV evidence than he was with criminally hiding the Stormy Daniels affair.

The message here is that nothing has changed. Donald Trump has always been a dangerous con, and it would be foolish for voters to expect anything different in 2024.

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