GOP Rep. Calls on RNC To Move Convention and Nominate Trump on July 4th – A Week Before Deranged Judge Merchan’s Sentencing (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Republican representative Cory Mills (R-FL) is calling on the RNC to move its convention dates to early July so that President Donald Trump can be nominated on July 4th, Independence Day, before communist New York Judge Juan Merchan’s sentencing scheduled for July 11th in the junk lawfare case against the Republican presidential nominee.

Representative Mills floated the idea on Maria Bartiromo’s morning show on Friday.

Maria Bartiromo: “What are they so afraid of? Why are they so afraid of Trump?”

Rep. Cory Mills: “Well, because they know that he can win and he’s gonna take back the presidency and he’s gonna change the corruption in the deep state. He knows that the deep police state, just like when they tried to hire 87,000 armed IRS agents, they’re trying to increase their powers and try to violate our constitutional rights and liberties… the rest of the left and the rest of the deep state knows he’s going to clean house…

…I think about it this way. I think that we, as the Republican Party, first off, to poke them in the eye, we should go ahead and move our GOP conference and elect President Trump as our nominee on July fourth. We know they’re trying to prevent him from coming to the actual GOP gathering, so we should go ahead and start looking at that. But we have to start stepping up our efforts, Maria…

…I’m just sick and tired of this whole thing about one more hearing. I’m going to beat the horse here, but one more hearing, one more piece of evidence, one more this, one more that. We have to start getting accountability, and we can’t just continue to sit on our laurels and say, ‘Oh, well, were the actual party of the role of law. We’re the party of process.’

Look, we have more than enough to continue to move forward. We need to launch investigations. We need to follow the money, find the facts. That’s what this is all about. We have to ensure that something like this never happens again because the precedents that are being set by the left is that no one is safe, that you are guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around, and that they can continue to do this kangaroo-style court and this third-party banana republic where you’re just going to be guilty because we say you’re guilty as a political operative.

Maria Bartiromo: I saw this somewhere else and I just want to reiterate what you just said. Are you saying that you’re proposing moving the Republican National Convention to July 4th, as opposed to July 15th? Is that what you just said?”

Rep. Cory Mills: “That’s exactly what I’m saying. If they’re going to try to do a sentencing on the 11th, which I know will hold him up, I say we bring President Trump, we move it and we elect him as our nominee on July 4th, Independence Day, and we start moving forward. I think that’s a symbolic measure and I think it tells them exactly where we’re at as America.”

This is a brilliant suggestion by Rep. Mills.

Republicans must act. No more weak word games.

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