Lebanon front is ‘pressuring Israel’, Hezbollah chief Nasrallah says | Israel-Palestine conflict News


Hassan Nasrallah says the battle between Hezbollah and Israel will help determine the fate of Lebanon and the region.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has stressed that the Lebanese group’s battle with Israel is consequential and will help shape the future of the region, as the two sides continue to exchange fire daily.

In a speech delivered via videolink on Friday, Nasrallah said the Israeli military is losing the war in Gaza, with Hezbollah’s attacks “pressuring Israel” from Lebanon.

“This battle concerns Palestine, but also concerns the future of Lebanon and its water and oil resources,” Nasrallah said. “This front is a support front that is part of the battle that will determine the fate of Palestine, Lebanon and the region strategically.”

The Israeli military occupied parts of south Lebanon for decades until its withdrawal in 2000, raising fears in the country that Israel’s ultimate aim is to control Lebanon’s water-rich southern areas.

Nasrallah added on Friday that Hezbollah is continuing its operations against Israel, regardless of “narrow political calculations”.

The Iran-allied group began targeting Israeli troops along the border after the war on Gaza broke out. Throughout the recent conflict, Israel has been regularly bombing villages in southern Lebanon.

Earlier on Friday, Hezbollah claimed several attacks against Israeli positions after it said that Israeli bombing had killed a medic in south Lebanon.

The violence has forced thousands of Israelis to flee from the north of the country, with the fighting turning into a war of attrition, raising fears of a regional conflict.

Nasrallah’s comments on Friday come days after Israel’s Defence Minister Yaov Gallant warned that Lebanon will “pay the price” for Hezbollah’s actions, claiming that Israel has killed 300 of the group’s fighters.

“If you will continue, we will accelerate,” Gallant said in a warning to Hezbollah.

But Nasrallah appeared to dismiss that threat, saying that Hezbollah fighters remain at the border.

For months, Israeli leaders have stressed the need to push Hezbollah off the northern border of Israel, including through a major assault if necessary.

Last week, Nasrallah warned Israel against launching an offensive in Lebanon, saying that Hezbollah has military “surprises” that it will use in the case of an all-out war.

On Friday, United States President Joe Biden said Israel had agreed to a proposal for an “enduring ceasefire” in Gaza that would help end hostilities with Lebanon.

“Once a ceasefire and hostage deal is concluded, it unlocks the possibility of a great deal more progress, including calm along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon,” the US president said.

“The United States will help forge a diplomatic resolution – one that ensures Israel’s security and allows people to safely return to their home without fear of being attacked.”

Hezbollah had previously said it would halt its attacks on Israel when the war on Gaza ends.

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