Mexico’s Leftist President-Elect Gathers Latin American Socialist Leaders, as Opposition Candidate Demands Recount, Another Mayor Is Killed, and the Panicked Market Melts | The Gateway Pundit


President-elect Claudia Sheibaum (R) Deseased Mayor Yolanda Sanchez (L)

The Latin American leftist network of leaders is delighted by the victory of the ruling party’s candidate Claudia Sheinbaum in the ultra-violent Mexican elections that saw over 28 candidates killed during the election cycle.

But the market reacted in a panic, as the unrelenting violence keeps claiming the lives of political leaders, and the opposition demands a full recount of the problematic vote.

Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, Colombia’s Gustavo Petro, Brazil’s Lula da Silva were quick to celebrate the victory, and the leftist goons of the ‘Puebla Group’ sent a delegation to meet with Mexico’s president-elect.

Present at the meeting were former presidents Alberto Fernández (Argentina) and Evo Morales (Bolivia), ahead of a large delegation of the group of ‘progressive leaders’ (a.k.a. socialist hacks).

Although dedicated leftist Sheinbaum celebrated that Mexico is a ‘democratic country with peaceful elections,’ there is now a request of recounting the votes by an opposition candidate, another mayor was assassinated, and the market is plunging out of distrust towards the new government.

Runner-up in Mexico’s presidential election, opposition candidate Xóchitl Gálvez announced that has filed a request to contest the election and demand a recount.

Gálvez wrote on X:

“I know the results surprise us, and we need to analyze what happened. We all knew we were facing an unequal competition against the entire state apparatus dedicated to favoring its candidate. We all noticed how much organized crime was present, threatening and even killing dozens of candidates.

This does not end here. Yes, we will present the challenges that prove what I am saying and what we all know. And we will do so because we cannot allow another election like this. Today, more than ever, we must defend our democracy and our republic. Checks and balances and the separation of powers remain at risk.”

While the complaint about organized crime influence may be seen as exaggerated, it is absolutely not.

CBS reported:

The mayor of a town in western Mexico was killed on Monday, the regional government said, barely 24 hours after Claudia Sheinbaum was elected the Latin American country’s first woman president. Officials said the mayor’s bodyguard was also killed in the attack.

The Michoacan state government condemned ‘the murder of the municipal president (mayor) of Cotija, Yolanda Sanchez Figueroa’, the regional interior ministry said in a post on social media.”

Elected in 2021, Sanchez was gunned down on a public road, according to local media, with one outlet even reporting that she was shot 19 TIMES outside of a gym, in a drive-by by gunmen inside a white truck who opened fire ‘from the moving vehicle and then escaped’.”

Sanchez’s bodyguard was also reportedly hit by the gunfire and died.

Dozens of candidates (and countless voters) have been killed despite 27,000 soldiers and National Guard members deployed to reinforce election security.

With all that, it is perhaps not surprising that the market has reacted poorly – to say the least – to the continuation of the leftist government in Mexico.

Bloomberg reported:

“Mexico’s peso sank for a second session after an unexpected landslide election win by the ruling party injected local political risk into one of the world’s top carry trades.

The peso shed as much as 2.9% to 18.1936 per dollar by 11:45 a.m. in London, adding to its 3.8% loss on Monday that was its worst one-day tumble since June 2020. Mexico’s benchmark stock index sank 6.1%, the most since the onset of the pandemic.”

Read more:

A Leftist ‘Climate Scientist’ and COVID Pandemic Hardliner, Former Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum Elected First Woman President of Mexico

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