Pennsylvania House Republicans Boo And Walk Out On Hero 1/6 Cops


Several Pennsylvania House Republicans booed, walked out on, and disrespected hero 1/6 police officers.

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The Washington Post reported:

Former U.S. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn and former sergeant Aquilino Gonell were introduced on the floor Wednesday as “heroes” by House Speaker Joanna McClinton (D) for having “bravely defended democracy in the United States Capitol against rioters and insurrection on Jan. 6.”

As the two men — both of whom were injured by rioters on Jan. 6 — were introduced, the House floor descended into chaos. According to Democratic lawmakers, several GOP lawmakers hissed and booed, with a number of Republicans walking out of the chamber in protest.

“I heard some hissing and I saw about eight to 10 of my Republican colleagues walk out angrily as they were announced as police officers from the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6,” state Rep. Arvind Venkat (D) said in a phone interview Thursday. “I was shocked and appalled.”

Pennsylvania House Republicans showed their extremism by booing and walking out on heroes who defended members of Congress from both parties from a mob that was incited by Donald Trump to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory.

The Republicans not only showed disrespect for cops with their actions, but they also disrespected the principles of the peaceful transition of power and the democratic process. If Democrats keep control of the Pennsylvania House, where they currently have a one-seat majority, they will be able to close the door on any plans by Trump to overturn the results if Biden beats the ex-president again in the Keystone State.

The behavior of the state House Republicans was a disgraceful embarrassment to all Pennsylvanians and a demonstration of why they should not be allowed back into power.




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