Protester Shouts Down Coup Plotter Steve Bannon


As Steve Bannon ranted outside the courthouse while he tried to avoid prison, a protester told him that his coup failed and he was going to jail.

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Bannon tried his best to spin after it was ruled that he must report to prison by July 1 by telling reporters, ” There is nothing that can shut me up and nothing that will shut me up. There is not a prison built—there is not a prison built or jail built that will ever shut me up. We’re going to win this, win at the Supreme Court, and more importantly, we’re going to win on November 5th.”

A protester shouted at Bannon, “Your coup failed. You’re going to jail.”


Steve Bannon is probably going to prison this summer. He probably won’t be released from prison before Election Day. Bannon’s Chinese money man has been indicted for money laundering and bank fraud. Bannon will also be facing a state fraud trial due to his alleged scamming of Trump supporters out of funds to “build the wall.”

Bannon is another example of an associate of convicted felon Donald Trump who is going to end up doing time. Voters can tell a lot about a candidate from the company that they keep, and in the case of Donald Trump that company suggests criminal enterprise.

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