PUSHING WW3: Former British Premier Boris Johnson Praises Ukrainian Azov Nazis as ‘Heroes’, Calls for Long Range Weapons To Attack Inside Russian Territory | The Gateway Pundit


Liberals and Globalists all over the world spent the last decades calling everyone that they disagreed with ‘Nazis’. It’s the ultimate cliché of the political correctness.

However, once confronted with real-life, modern-day actual Nazis, they don’t seem to have any problem at all with them.

These are people who self-identify as Nazis. They worship Nazi collaborators who committed atrocities in WW2; they wear Nazi insignias and imagery; they salute like Nazis; they have a Nazi ideology and – what’s worse – they have a Nazi behavior.

Of course, I’m talking about the Azov Brigades.

These followers of Stephan Bandera are getting increasingly normalized in the liberal-Globalist oriented Western societies.

Azov militants were also received in Parliament.

It has now arisen that former British Prime Minister and one of the chief warmongers Boris Johnson has been caught praising them in an open meeting.

The context was even more disturbing: Boris Johnson called for MORE weapons to be transferred to Kiev along with permission to attack the Russian Federation territory.

Yes – you read it right. Johnson is going along with the plan to usher in WW3.

A video is doing the rounds on the Internet in which he says this at a meeting with Ukrainian guests, including militants of the Azov ‘Nationalist Battalion’.

“Why on earth shouldn’t the Ukrainians be able to attack Russian troops on their territory?” –  Johnson reportedly said.

But alongside the calls for irresponsible escalation, Johnson also praised the fighters from Ukraine’s notorious neo-Nazi Azov unit, and posed for a photo while holding a banner bearing the group’s symbol – associated with the German Nazi’s Third Reich’s SS.

In the video circling online, believed to be from May 22, Johnson is praising the Neo-Nazi Azov Brigade at a meeting of leading politicians and uniformed soldiers in London.

Johnson states: “My message to you is very simple: Thank you to the heroes from the Azov Brigade who honor us with their presence tonight.”

Kim Dotcom on X:
“450,000 British died during WW2 to defeat Nazi Germany. This week Boris Johnson welcomed the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov Battalion as “heroes” in London. No respect for those who died to stop the Nazi ideology. Now the UK Govt is using Nazis to kill Russians.”

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Ukrainian Frontline Colonel Admits Country Will Have To Cede Territories to Russia in Peace Negotiations – Calls It ‘A Victory’

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