Sean Hannity Couldn’t Save Trump For Disastrous Crash And Burn


Sean Hannity tried to get Trump to say that he didn’t want to use the presidency for revenge, but Trump refused to do it.

Read: The Republican Presumptive Nominee for President is A Convicted Felon


Hannity asked, “People are claiming you want, what has happened to you done to Democrats? Would you do that ever?”

Trump answered, “Look what’s happened to me has never happened in this country before. And it has to stop because-”

Sean Hannity stopped him, “Wait a minute, I want to hear that again. It has to stop.”

Trump kept going, “It does have to stop because we’re not gonna have a country.”

Hannity keeps working, “What does that mean define that?”

Trump still isn’t getting it, “Ok what I’ve gone through. Nobody’s ever gone through. Uh I’m a very legitimate person. I built a great business. Everything’s been, I have been under siege. Nobody’s ever seen anything like this in this country now, in other countries, in other third world countries or banana republic, as they say, a banana republic, we’ve become a banana republic at the border. We’ve become a banana republic with so many other elements of our country. We’ve become a banana republic. You take a look at what’s happening with inflation. That’s a banana republic. Inflation, what we have. I think it could be as high as 50%. If you add everything in, when you start adding uh energy prices in, when you start adding interest rates, which have gone from 2% to 9 and 10 percent.”

Hannity gives it one more try, “Focus on those that want people to believe that you want retribution, that you will use the system of justice to go after your political enemies.”

Trump blows it all up, “It has to stop because otherwise we’re not gonna have a country. Look when this election is over based on what they’ve done. I would have every right to go after them.”

Not even Sean Hannity could get Trump to pretend like he will not use the presidency to go after his political enemies. Trump isn’t hiding it. He is telling anyone who will listen exactly what he intends to do if he wins.

Trump has been humiliated by the trial and the felony convictions and he wants revenge.

Donald Trump doesn’t want to govern. He wants to punish those who dared to hold him accountable. The exchange with Hannity was a disaster and it should be a political ad for all voters to see.

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