Sick: Masked Protestors Hold ‘Kill Hostages Now’ and ‘They’re Not Coming Home’ Messages at Solemn NYC Israel Day Parade As Families of Captives March | The Gateway Pundit


Image: @ParmisLJavan/X

Today’s Israel Day Parade in New York City was marred by hate-filled and hate-fueled pro-Hamas protestors, including one man who carried a sign reading “Kill Hostages Now.”

The protestor covered his face in a black mask and wore a Palestinian flag as a cape.

The man taunted marchers, which included family members of hostages kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.

Another protestor, also conveniently covering her face so as not to be recognized for her vile behavior, held up her phone with the message, “They’re not coming home,” spelled out.

“They” include the Bibas family and their two young sons. In February, the Israeli military shared a video of Hamas monsters kidnapping Yarden Bibas and his wife Shiri along with their two red-haired babies, Ariel and Kfir.

Kfir turned one in captivity in January.

The Bibas family, including their two babies, were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.

Pure evil.

While it is unclear exactly how many hostages remain in the hands of the barbaric monsters, Israeli officials believe 128 hostages taken in the October 7 attacks remain in Gaza and that at least 34 of them are dead.

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