Silent Hill 2’s remake hits PS5 and Steam in October


Konami provided a fresh — and terrifying — look at its upcoming remake of the survival horror classic Silent Hill 2, sharing a new trailer and release date during Sony’s State of Play and offering an extended look at gameplay during Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission event.

In the trailer, husband of the year James Sunderland makes his way through the haunted town, fighting monstrous nurses and generally looking sad, wet, and guilty. Konami’s Silent Hill presentation expanded on his patheticness featuring extended scenes of James fighting more monsters and interacting with the other people lost in the town. However, developer Team Bloober seemingly realized the value of the tease, exercising restraint in not including any glimpses of the big daddy himself: Pyramid Head. You can watch the full Silent Hill Transmission presentation, which also features a short vignette on the Silent Hill 2 movie, below.

The remake was first announced in 2022 as part of a big drop of Silent Hill news that included multiple spinoffs and a new live-action movie (which is also based on Silent Hill 2). The updated version of the game, which originally launched on the PSone in 2001, is being developed by Polish studio Bloober Team, which is best known for horror games Layers of Fear and The Medium.

At the beginning of the year, Konami put out a trailer detailing the combat of Silent Hill 2, while also surprise launching a short, free spinoff called The Short Message. Interestingly, though today’s two events confirmed the game’s October 8th release date, only Konami’s featured the confirmation that Silent Hill 2 will come day and date to PC.

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