The Jury Delivers A Devastating Message To Convicted Felon Donald Trump


By finding Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts, the jury sent a message to the nation and Donald Trump. Now it will be up to America to decide if they want a felon president.

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As Rachel Maddow said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

Listen, this is unanimous on all counts. This is a definitive and this is an irreversible verdict. He can appeal. I’m sure he will appeal. But this is everything that the prosecution asked for, from a jury that by all counts took this thing very, very seriously. We counted the deliberation hours down here.

The test here for us, as a country, is not about what happens on appeal. And is not about what happens on sentencing. The test for us now as a country is whether or not this former president and his allies will have succeeded in trying to undermine the rule of law so that people reject this as a legitimate function of the rule of law in our country. They have tried to delegitimize this judge. They have tried to delegitimize the court and delegitimize the laws that he’s charged under. The people involved in bringing this case have been threatened and intimidated and have everything brought to bear against them in a way that was designed to delegitimize the process of the American people. It’s now in the hands the American people to decide if we’ll accept those efforts.

Trump will continue to try to delegitimize the process and the rule of law, but the message being sent was loud and clear. There was no ambiguity. Donald Trump broke the law dozens of times and he did so to win the 2016 election. Republicans have now chosen a convicted felon for president, and even if a few voters disqualify Trump based on this verdict, the message sent is devastating.

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