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Starting today until Sunday, voters across the European community will go to the polls to elect the MEPs that will represent each country in the European Parliament.

And come Monday, when the results are divulged, we are expected to have a rightward continental shift.

And that’s not wishful thinking by conservatives, as one may think. In fact, the leftist media is all over it – of course, from a standpoint of alerting to the ‘danger’ conservatives pose.

Populist right-wing movements, Politico reported, are surging ‘in ways that could have a loud global echo.’

“In recent days, far-right parties have been showing startling strength in polls in countries across the European Union. If this translates to major electoral gains, as now appears likely, it would deliver an embarrassing rebuke to the two most prominent leaders on the continent: French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, both struggling with lackluster poll numbers.”

Macron and Scholz, the expected biggest losers.

The politico article rightly understands the connection between Donald Trump’s rise (and return) to power and the many different European conservative forces at play.

If the right performs well in Europe this week, as expected, it will prove that the conservative planetary movement ‘has enduring power.’

“After a tense election campaign marred by political violence — including the attempted assassination of Slovakia’s prime minister — voting in the European Parliament election kicked off on Thursday morning in the Netherlands. It will carry on across the EU’s 27 member countries until Sunday night, with final results known early on Monday.”

In France, Macron is expected to get crushed by Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party, while the German AfD Alternative for Germany party is in second place head to head with Scholz’s Social Democratic Party.

“In Italy, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party, which has its roots in the country’s fascist past, is due to increase its number of seats in the European Parliament. In Poland, the nationalist, anti-abortion Law and Justice party is looking to make a comeback after losing power last December.”

Politico has polls showing that right-wingers may improve from 72 to as much as 184 seats.

“While Europe’s right-wing parties are unlikely to unite as a single block, their surge in support — and their normalization as political forces — will increase pressure on European leaders to crack down on migration to the bloc, water down plans to decarbonizes the economy and possibly dial back the EU’s support for Ukraine.”

The downtrending pro-EU mainstream parties are still expected to maintain a slim majority in the European Parliament. But will they?

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