The Verge’s 2024 Father’s Day gift guide: headphones, tools, chargers, and more


Custom Lego minifigure

I’m as big a fan of Lego’s new Barad-dûr set as anyone, but $459.99 is a steep price to pay for a brick-ified rendition of Sauron’s iconic fortress of evil. Thankfully, for a mere $11.99, you can build your pops a minifig version of himself, complete with accessories and a T-shirt showing off his favorite catchphrase. Whether you want to give him a full head of hair is entirely up to you.
Price: $11.99

Hoto electric screwdriver

Hoto’s electric screwdriver is the perfect around-the-house tool for a frequent tinkerer or a weekend warrior building some Ikea furniture. Its simple design makes it compact enough to keep nearby for small to medium-size projects, so your dad doesn’t have to bust out the big tools unless he needs some serious torque.
Price: $49.99+

Elgato Stream Deck Neo

It doesn’t matter whether or not your dad fancies himself an influencer, Elgato’s Stream Deck Neo can make managing his workflows that much easier. The programmable, eight-key macro controller cribs many of the best elements from the company’s pro-grade models and adds two capacitive buttons, letting him switch pages for an infinite amount of customizable LCD keys.
Price: $99.99

Garmin Forerunner 165 Music

Making sense of Garmin’s crowded Forerunner lineup is as easy as learning the platform — which is to say, it’s not. For the uninitiated, however, the Forerunner 165 Music is a great entry-level training watch. It features support for in-depth training metrics and all your basic fitness activities, along with marathon battery life, a crisp OLED display, and a price that’s actually palatable.
Price: $286.55+

iPad Air (2024)

If your dad is the creative type with a penchant for big screens, Apple’s latest iPad Air isn’t a bad bet. Not only is the new M2 model the least expensive way to get access to the new Apple Pencil Pro but it’s also the cheapest way to get a 13-inch iPad without stepping up to the pricier iPad Pro. It’s also just a fantastic tablet overall, regardless of which size you choose.
Price: $569.99+


Think you and your old man are on the same wavelength? CMYK’s outstanding board game is one way to find out. The simple premise has you guessing where your partner thinks a specific word or topic fits between two diametric ends of a spectrum, which, believe it or not, can be incredibly difficult depending on how well you know your teammate.
Price: $29.99+

Blink Mini 2

If you want to outfit your dad with a cheap but good security camera, look no further than the Blink Mini 2. The basic 1080p cam is small in stature but big in value, especially now that it packs an LED spotlight, a wider field of view, and USB-C power. It also features IP65 weatherproofing, which means you can use it outdoors if you pony up an additional $10 for the weather-resistant adapter.
Price: $29.99

Three-Body Problem Boxed Set

Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem is a brilliant piece of sci-fi, so much so that the folks behind Game of Thrones recently adapted the first book in the series for Netflix. The titular box set brings together all three novels in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy, which chronicles the larger than life story of how humanity responds after making contact with a distant alien race.
Price: $28.78+

AirPods Pro with USB-C

At this point, what can be said about the latest AirPods Pro that hasn’t been said already? The second-gen earbuds have become the default pick for many an Apple user thanks to their great sound, intuitive controls, and deep integration with the rest of the Apple ecosystem. The fact that they can deftly drown out the world outside so your dad can better hear Vampire Weekend’s knotty polyrhythms doesn’t hurt, either.
Price: $189.99+

PlayStation Portal

Make no mistake, the PlayStation Portal is not a handheld — well, at least not in a traditional sense. It’s essentially an eight-inch, 1080p LCD display wedged between two halves of a standard DualSense controller, providing PS5 users with a way to stream games from their console via Remote Play. It’s not perfect, but at least your dad will be able to get his Final Fantasy VII Rebirth fix even when Bluey comes on the TV.
Price: $199+

Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce

Like Aardvark, Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce has become a regular staple in my household. The savory-sweet condiment is pretty atypical compared to American BBQ sauces, which often rely heavily on brown sugar or molasses for taste. Instead, Bachan’s recipe offers a nice balance of ginger, soy, mirin, green onion, and other Japanese flavors that work great if you’re trying to add a kick of umami to your next meal.
Price: $7.98+

Google Pixel 8A

Like the Pixel 7A before it, Google’s latest budget phone is a sensible choice for sensible shoppers. It offers many of the same features found on the standard Pixel 8, including Qi wireless charging and Google’s speedy Tensor G3 chipset, along with a 6.1-inch 120Hz OLED display and a surprisingly good camera system. More importantly, it comes with a staggering seven years of OS updates, which is the kind of ROI that would make even your dad proud.
Price: $499

Moment Santa Fe Shoulder Bag

Every good adventure requires gear. Thankfully, Moment’s rugged Santa Fe Shoulder Bag is built for impromptu road trips and weekend escapades, the kind that require you to pack light and stick to the essentials. The sling’s main compartment is perfect for stowing a 35mm point-and-shoot cam and a few rolls of film, and because it’s made of durable 500d nylon, you needn’t worry if a little rain happens your way.
Price: $60+

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones

Bose’s latest flagship headphones offer some of the best comfort and noise cancellation around, with an excellent transparency mode for when it’s time to let the outside world back in. They may have a high price, but the QuietComfort Ultra Headphones make a great gift for a frequent traveler or commuter who really enjoys their music.
Price: $379

Panel Sound Pickleball Paddles

If your local city noise ordinance hasn’t killed pickleball yet, nothing will. Panel Sound’s fiberglass pickleball rackets are nothing fancy, though they are lightweight, inexpensive, and rather comfortable thanks to their rippled 4.8-inch grip. Plus, they’re certified for tournament play by USA Pickleball, just in case your dad ever feels his third-shot drop is better than it actually is.
Price: $25.95+

The Creative Act: A Way of Being

Superproducer Rick Rubin is responsible for some of the most iconic records ever made, including hits from Adele, Run-DMC, and everyone’s favorite sock-loving alt-rockers. His new book, The Creative Act, isn’t so much a tell-all memoir or a collection of name-drops but, rather, a thought-provoking distillation of what he’s learned about the creative process from his four decades working through it.
Price: $16+

Helldivers 2

Spreading democracy may not seem like a light objective — especially with today’s politics — yet Helldivers 2 makes it surprisingly fun. That’s partly because the online co-op title is incredibly silly and partly because it has you battling giant space bugs, Starship Troopers-style, instead of campaigning for NATO status. Just remind your dad to watch out for friendly fire and Bile Titans. They’ll get ya!
Price: $39.88+

Fanttik X8 Portable Tire Inflator

Your dad might have been able to inflate your water wings as a kid, but I doubt he could do the same for the tires on his Model 3. Fortunately, Fanttik’s compact tire inflator comes with enough nozzles and packs enough power to fill pretty much anything. It even has a built-in LCD display that lets you set your desired PSI, so he never has to worry about overinflating.
Price: $44.97+

Nocs Provisions Zoom Tube 8X32 monocular

There are plenty of entry-level tools for birding, though I’d argue few of them are as fun as the apt-titled Zoom Tube. Even if it can’t rival a legitimate pair of binos, Nocs’ pocketable monocular affords you crystal-clear 8x magnification and a terrific field of view, not to mention plenty of style if vibrant shades of red, teal, and orange are your thing.
Price: $74.95+

Belkin BoostCharge 3 Port USB-C Wall Charger with PPS 67W

Belkin’s 67W three-port charger is perfect for the dad who has exiled any and all Lightning devices from their life. The portable charger supports USB PD 3.0 and PPS, with the maximum output for each USB-C port clearly labeled should you ever wonder how much power you’re getting when multiple ports are active. Needless to say, achieving optimal charging speeds is rarely as easy.
Price: $35.99+

Lego NASA Artemis Space Launch System

My colleague Sean Hollister, our resident toy expert, once dubbed Lego’s NASA Artemis Space Launch System the best rocket launchpad Lego has ever made. I’m inclined to agree based solely on the sheer spectacle of the towering 3,091-piece replica, which includes a multistage rocket with two solid-fuel boosters, an Orion capsule with foldout solar panels, and a detailed launch tower that makes for a fine piece of nerd decor.
Price: $259.99

8BitDo Ultimate 2.4G Controller

No dad should have to settle for a subpar gamepad. 8BitDo’s Ultimate 2.4G Controller is a budget-friendly premium option with its own charging dock, customizable controls, and a pair of back paddles. The remappable gamepad also sports drift-free Hall effect joysticks and a 2.4GHz wireless adapter, so you can pair it wirelessly with a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS.
Price: $39.99+

A La Sala

No band conjures pure vibes quite like Khruangbin, especially on wax. The Houston trio’s fourth studio album is a kaleidoscope of low-key sounds from around the globe, all of which buoy their groovy, instrumental psych-rock. It doesn’t matter if your dad can’t pronounce their name — the Congolese rhythms and sun-kissed guitar are impossible to ignore.
Price: $25.99

Onyx Boox Palma

If you’re curious about what would happen if you combined a low-end Android phone with your favorite ebook reader, look no further than the Boox Palma. It’s essentially a 6.13-inch slate with page-turning buttons and a Kindle-style E Ink display, one that allows you to listen to podcasts, peruse newsfeeds, and download all your favorite reading apps via the Google Play Store.
Price: $279.99

Wera Tool-Check Plus bit ratchet set

Every dad likes high torque transfer, which is why Wera’s Tool-Check Plus makes for a nice gift. The durable 39-piece tool set contains all sorts of color-coded bits and bobs for tackling routine bike maintenance and DIY repairs, including a ratchet, seven sockets, a bitholding screwdriver, and 28 nickel-coated bits. Wera tools don’t come cheap, but a quality piece of kit seldom does.
Price: $74.95+

Samsung Music Frame

Eat your heart out, Ikea. The Music Frame is similar to the latest Symfonisk collab in that it’s an Atmos-ready speaker masquerading as a piece of wall decor, except Samsung’s new Alexa-powered Music Frame lets you insert your own physical photographs or artwork instead of relying on Ikea’s default art design. That makes the 12.9 x 12.9-inch frame a hell of a lot more personal.
Price: $397.99+

Fellow Clyde Electric Kettle

You don’t need to spend much to get a decent electric kettle. That being said, Fellow’s Clyde Electric Kettle feels tailor-made for the hot beverage connoisseur who also has exquisite taste in gadget design. The classy kettle holds a generous 1.5 liters of water and features a wide mesh spout, which is a welcome reprieve from the gooseneck design on Fellow’s pour-over model.
Price: $99+

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