Trump Aide And Lawyers Criminally Charged In Wisconsin Fake Elector Scheme


A Trump aide and two of his lawyers have been criminally charged for their roles in the 2020 fake elector scheme in Wisconsin.

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul has filed felony forgery charges against an aide and two attorneys who worked for former President Donald Trump in 2020 for their part in designing and executing a plan to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election by submitting false slates of electors for Trump.

Kaul filed the charges in Dane County Circuit Court against Kenneth Chesebro, a Wisconsin native and lead architect of the 2020 fake elector plan; former Dane County Judge Jim Troupis, who represented Trump in Wisconsin during the 2020 election; and Mike Roman, a former Trump aide who allegedly delivered Wisconsin’s slate of false elector paperwork to a Pennsylvania congressman’s staffer in order to get them to Vice President Mike Pence on Jan. 6, 2021.

Members of state fake elector plots have now been charged in Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Pennsylvania fake electors avoided charges by adding qualifying language to their forms that stated that suggested that they were only electors if the state’s election results were overturned.

There were seven swing states in the 2020 election, and five of them have filed criminal charges as participants in Trump’s plot.

It is impossible to know if these criminal charges will influence voters in those states. However, the national media tends to overlook the significance of these cases as they view presidential elections from a national perspective instead of what they really are: a series of 50 individual state elections.

Trump tried to cheat the voters in these states in 2020, and he is already planning on trying to do so again in 2024. The state-level cases only make it more difficult for Trump to shake the convicted felon label.

The bad news keeps coming for Trump as his alleged crimes of 2020 will not go away in states that will be critical to the 2024 outcome.

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