Trump Embarrasses Himself By Claiming Rising Seas Create Beachfront Property


Trump claimed on Sunday that he supports climate change because rising seas create more beachfront property.

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Trump said:

The single biggest threat, not global warming, when they say that the seas will rise over the next 400 years, one eighth of an inch, you know, which means basically have a little more beachfront property. Okay. Think of it. The seas are going to rise. Who knows? But this is the big threat. I watched Biden the other night.

It’s the greatest existential. He loves that word because it’s a big word. And he thinks, you know, he thinks he knows he doesn’t even know what the hell the word means. He goes, it’s the greatest existential threat to our country. Global warming.


According to a 2022 NASA study, sea levels are projected to rise at least a foot over the next 20-30 years in the US. The rise will be even higher in Southeast and along the Gulf Coast. The country is not going to have more beachfront property. The country will have what is described as catastrophic flooding.

Rising sea levels don’t create beachfront property, and the levels are going to rise much faster than Trump suggested.

We can now add climate change and sea levels to tariffs and hurricanes to the list of things that Donald Trump does not understand.

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