Trump Told Stormy Daniels That She Reminded Him Of His Daughter Ivanka


Stormy Daniels said that Trump told her that she reminded him of his daughter Ivanka Trump.

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According to Norm Eisen, Judge Merchan had to tell Trump’s lawyers to calm him, as he got agitated during the Daniels testimony:

Judge: did you talk to your client?

Trump had been getting increasingly agitated as Stormy testimony unfurled

I assume that is what it was about

Trump now impassive

Hugo Lowell posted that Trump talked to Daniels about how he reminded her of his daughter Ivanka:

DANIELS said Trump told her she reminded her of his daughter Ivanka TRUMP told her: “You remind me of my daughter, she’s blind (blond) and smart and beautiful and people underestimate her as well”

How creepy is that?

Trump was about to have sex with Stormy Daniels, and he was talking about how beautiful his daughter is.

Please tell the nation again, Trump voters, why the real threat to America is trans people and books in libraries that must be banned.

Donald Trump isn’t just a court-determined rapist creep. The ex-president is a deeply disturbed individual. None of what is being said in court reflects the character of someone who is fit to serve as president. President Joe Biden is a decent man, while his opponent talks about how beautiful his daughter is while preparing to cheat on his wife with an adult performer.

Trump brought all of this on himself by engaging in criminal activity to cover up an affair, and since he denied the affair, the world is finding out how sick the ex-president really is.

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