WATCH: Trump Attorney Alina Habba Delivers Smackdown to “Naive” Shannon Bream When She Tries Claiming the Biden Regime is Not Responsible for the Sham Trump Trial | The Gateway Pundit


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As the Gateway Pundit reported, President Trump returned to court Wednesday for corrupt judge Juan Merchan’s kangaroo trial in New York City as the jury began deliberations on his fate.

During the jury deliberations on Wednesday afternoon, Trump’s attorney Alina Habba appeared as a guest on Fox News with Shannon Bream, who attempted to run interference for the Biden regime. Bream likely wishes she had never made this decision because she was outclassed in a battle of the wits.

Bream opened by querying whether there is a net positive for Trump thanks to the kangaroo trial. Habba replied that from a political standpoint, this was true, but America should never have had to “hit rock bottom” in terms of morals, the Constitution, and the rule of law.

Bream attempted to fake concern, claiming that these dramas would always follow Trump regardless of his guilt or innocence. Habba correctly deemed this as extortion and went on to rail against America’s litigious culture, which she noted Joe Biden is taking full advantage of in order to sideline his political opponent.

The interview went horribly wrong for Bream when she responded that Biden had nothing to do with the trial. What followed was an epic yet firm smackdown of the reporter based on cold, hard facts.

Bream was left stammering slightly at the end and had no good response to Habba’s blistering replies.

WATCH (The crucial part of the exchange starts at the 1:50 mark):

Bream: The Biden Administration is not responsible for this trial.

Habba: How can you say the Biden Administration is not responsible for this trial?

Bream: Uh, it’s a state trial; it’s Alvin Bragg; whether you think there’s a political motive for him, it’s not connected to the DOJ… the feds passe don these lection charges.

Habba: Shannon, you should look at how many logs they have of state officials (such as) Letitia James (and) Fani Willis visiting the White House and then tell me that this is not a Biden trial…

Bream: But the feds passed on this case…

Habba: The feds passed on this case, so did DA Cy Vance and so did Bragg (years ago)…and you know when it came back? When he (Trump) decided to run for office.

So tell me how that’s not an indication that Joe Biden, who just sent his campaign down here with Robert De Niro yesterday, isn’t a part of this?

Frankly, any question that we had of that was squashed yesterday. And whether you have any more concerns about whether he’s involved in this, look at the fact he is literally publicizing for tonight a speech if a verdict comes out. That’s a sad state of affairs.

Bream: Do you not think, though, that uh, any president would want weigh in on something this historic?

Habba: I wish Biden had that same sentiment about the border, fentanyl, and our children being mutilated. I would prefer he would focus on the real things instead of trying to attack his political opponent, who he just cannot beat.

After watching Habba filet Bream, President Trump unleashed on the news anchor, calling her “naive.”

As Gateway Pundit readers know, Trump has been charged with 34 felony “falsification of business records.” He was penalized for every payment he allegedly made to his former lawyer and pathological liar, Michael Cohen, regarding Cohen paying off Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

The prosecution has not proven Trump committed any of these crimes or even had an affair, but he will likely be found guilty anyway given the rigged jury.

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