WNBA Player Who Appeared to Call Caitlin Clark a “B*tch” and Delivered Cheap Shot Shows Zero Remorse — Now Liking and Reposting Tweets Justifying Attack | The Gateway Pundit


Caitlin Clark was assaulted (Screenshot: ESPN)

During Saturday’s WNBA face-off between the Indiana Fever and Chicago Sky, Chennedy Carter’s actions against Caitlin Clark sparked outrage among fans. Not only did she appear to call Clark a “b*tch,” but she also took a cheap shot at her.

With only seconds left in the third quarter, Carter managed to score a jumper, reducing Indiana’s lead to four points. Cameras caught Carter allegedly hurling an insult, seemingly the “b-word,” towards Clark, followed by a physical shoulder check that knocked Clark to the ground.

The referee’s decision to issue only a common foul—no flagrant, no ejection—stirred significant discontent among the Fever’s fans and critics, who viewed the move as a clear act of aggression.


Even Draymond Green, a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, said Fever should “invest in an enforcer” to protect Clark.

According to Sporting News, “He regularly protects Stephen Curry because he’s aware of how important Curry is to Golden State’s success. The enforcer role isn’t new either. This has been going on for decades in most sports, but particularly in the NBA.”

Post-match, a visibly upset Clark told the ESPN broadcast team, “That’s just not a basketball play.” Her statement resonated with viewers who felt that Carter’s action was an assault.

In her post-game press conference, Carter bluntly stated, “I ain’t answering no Caitlin Clark questions.”


Adding fuel to the fire, Carter’s post-game actions have done nothing to quell the growing backlash. Instead of showing remorse or seeking to clarify her actions, Carter has engaged in liking and sharing social media posts that seem to justify her aggressive behavior.

Screenshot: X
Screenshot: X
Screenshot: X

She even boasted about the attention she’s getting, stating, “Troll notifications blowing up. I love it.”

Critics argue that if roles were reversed, and it was Clark who had committed the same actions against Carter, the narrative pushed by certain media outlets would be starkly different, possibly branding Clark as racist and severe accusations.

Meanwhile, Caitlin Clark’s influence on the league’s popularity is undeniable. Amidst the ongoing NBA playoffs, Clark has emerged as the most-searched basketball player in the nation, with her team leading the popularity charts across almost all states. The burgeoning star’s ability to draw crowds and boost the WNBA’s viewership records has been nothing short of phenomenal.

The WNBA, far-left, and media hate Caitlin Clark because she is a white, Catholic, straight girl.

Whitlock: Women’s College Basketball Phenom Caitlin Clark Comes Under Attack for Not Being Black Lesbian?

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