GOP May Bail On Kari Lake As Democrats Strongly Back Reuben Gallego


Republicans have made no major investment in Kari Lake as Democrats put tens of millions of dollars behind Rep. Reuben Gallego in the Arizona Senate race.

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Politico reported:

In Arizona, they are increasingly warning that Lake’s divisive persona and instinct for provocation could sabotage them yet again.

“When you don’t really have a core belief in anything, and you’re willing to take whatever position you think is politically expedient at the moment, you end up getting caught between a rock and a hard place before too long,” said former Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.), who ran against Lake in 2022.

Now, as Democrats have placed tens of millions of dollars in fall TV reservations, national Republicans haven’t begun to seriously invest in the state.

Republicans are thinking that there are better Senate races out there for them and that Lake might be a sure loser. None of them will phrase their thoughts that directly yet, but national Democrats have set aside tens of millions of dollars in TV ads for Rep. Gallego, and Kari Lake has nothing.

Part of this shift is due to Trump running the RNC into the ground through his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump. The RNC is now committed to paying Trump’s legal bills and getting Trump back into the White House. Republican candidates like Kari Lake are increasingly on their own.

It says a lot about the status of the Senate race in Arizona and the Republican outlook for 2024 that they are already considering bailing on Kari Lake.

Democrats are ready to get Gallego elected, while Republicans are floundering under the leadership of Donald Trump.

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