iFixit’s Pro Tech Toolkit is on sale for just $60


The right-to-repair movement has logged some serious wins over the past several years, with states like California, New York, and Minnesota having recently passed laws that make it easier for consumers to repair their own devices. But being able to obtain parts and manuals is only part of the process — you also need the tools. Luckily, iFixit’s Pro Tech Toolkit is on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, and iFixit for $59.96 ($15 off), matching the lowest price we’ve seen on the versatile tool set.

Chances are you know iFixit for its in-depth teardowns of various gadgets and gizmos, including iPhone 15 Pro Max, headsets like the Apple Vision Pro, and the confounding mess that is the Humane AI Pin (sorry not sorry). That said, the company also makes some truly excellent screwdriver sets that come with a lifetime warranty and all kinds of exotic bits for opening up modern tech, which is precisely why they’ve become a tried-and-true staple among Verge staffers who like to tinker with small electronics.

The heart of the Pro Tech Toolkit is its 64-bit driver kit, though, you also get spudgers, tweezers, several case-opening picks, a SIM removal tool, and a magnetic case that doubles as a sorting tray. The kit itself includes an extremely well-curated selection of bits, too, including pentalobe bits for opening devices like iPhones, tri-wing bits for cracking into consoles like the Nintendo Switch, and even Torx bits for working with vintage Apple computers and some PCs. It also comes with basic Phillips and flatheads, so you can tune up your bike or tackle whatever small household chores you’ve been putting off.

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