Trump trial live updates as defense grills Stormy Daniels


Westerhout was at the RNC in Oct. 2016 when the Trump Access Hollywood tape was uncovered, and she testified that she recalled the release “rattling RNC’s leadership.” 

“It’s my recollection that there were conversations about how – if it was needed – how it would be possible to replace him as a candidate if it came to that,” Westerhout said.

Westerhout testified that she worked out of Trump Tower during the transition period, and she knew Michael Cohen from around Trump Tower. 

After they got to the White House, she testified that Trump posted his own tweets but sometimes Dan Scavino would post them. Only Scavino was allowed to use it, but she said once in a while, Trump would dictate tweets to her to post. 

Prosecutors showed a lengthy list of Trump’s contacts that she had, which included key Trump associates such as Allen Weisselberg, Trump family members such as Tiffany Trump and members of the media, who ranged from Joe Scarborough to David Pecker. She said she knew Pecker as a “tabloid guy.” 

Texts between Westerhout and Hicks were submitted into evidence, including Hicks asking if Westerhout had spoken to Pecker. She said Trump met with Cohen in 2017. 

Westerhout also testified about the checks that were sent via FedEx, which Rebecca Manochio earlier Thursday confirmed their authenticity. Westerhout testified that to her knowledge, she saw Trump sign some of them by hand. She said she did not recall a specific time when he did not sign every check back that he received. 

Westerhout testified about when Stormy Daniels came forward about the alleged sexual encounter in 2018, she said “I remember he was very upset by it.”

Westerhout broke down in tears as she described leaving the White House in 2019. She said she wrote a memoir because she wanted people to know more about the Trump she worked with, who she believes is treated unfairly.  

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